Mike O’Brien

Mike O'Brien

Mayor, City of Fredericton

There are three common threads that weave through Mike O’Brien’s rise to become Mayor of Fredericton – a lifetime of public service, a visionary insight, and a compassion for the less advantaged. Combined with his love for his community, these traits resulted in a City stronger and more inclusive than it otherwise may have been.  

Mike’s dedication to his community began in his youth.  Throughout the years he has served on numerous economic, recreation, school and hospital boards.  But of all the social issues he has tackled, the one he is most passionate about is homelessness.  As the founding Chair of Fredericton’s Affordable Housing Committee and later as Chair of the Community Action Group on Homelessness, Mike has been in the forefront of promoting Housing First, a proven model to eradicate chronic homelessness in his City.   

Hand in hand with his community service in the non-profit sector, Mike also has a distinguished record of elected service.  After first being voted to City Council in 2001, he was re-elected in the subsequent three elections, then in 2016 was elected Mayor.