Jan Adegeest

Jan Adegeest


Jan has been working for the last twenty years in various architectural and urban design studios in Europe, North America and the Middle East. His interest in local presence and history of urban development together with his extensive international project experience brings ideas to the design process that allows projects to be tied with its local origin and benefits of international influence.

In the role of the leader in urban and architectural design, Jan has a strong fascination for the interaction of people, space and objects and his work is often about developing strong conceptual ideas for the built environment which are responding to its ever-changing environment. Communicating ideas through unambiguous presentations supported by effective and appealing graphics, Jan optimizes the interaction with clients, stakeholders and public, to get clear feedback, optimal results and excellent design.

Throughout his career, Jan has worked on a variety of challenging projects, all of which have sought to define the urban environment as a creative, beautiful and interactive space, including the Education City Masterplan in Doha, Qatar. An integrated masterplan for a total of 1200 Ha of urban development around an existing university complex and the Evergreen at the Brickworks Master Plan in the Don Valley, Toronto.

Currently, Jan is working on various urban design studies for the City of Brampton.